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May 2018: Congratulations to Nicole, who placed 2nd in the ChE Undergraduate Research Poster Competition here at UT! Read the official announcement here.

March 2018: Two studies from Prof. Rosales's previous work have been published. Read the papers here: 
Reversible Control of Network Properties in Azobenzene-Containing Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogels
Impact of Helical Chain Shape in Sequence-Defined Polymers on Polypeptoid Block Copolymer Self-Assembly


October 2017: The Rosales group welcomes new graduate students Mariah Austin, Tommy FitzSimons, and Alex Hillsley! 

August 2017: A study from Prof. Rosales's post-doc work has been accepted to Angewandte Chemie International Edition! Read the paper here: Hydrogels with Reversible Mechanics to Probe Dynamic Cell Microenvironments

July 2017: Construction on our lab begins. We are excited to be in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (CPE) building on campus!