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December 2018: Congratulations to Mariah, who just had a mini-review article accepted for publication in Biomaterials Science! Her article highlights several recent studies that show the effect of monomer sequence control on biomaterial properties, including in vitro and in vivo behavior. Check out the accepted manuscript here.

December 2018: Our group celebrated the end of our first year and a half with a holiday party.


October 2018: Our group is excited to welcome new graduate students Logan Morton and Hattie Schunk!

August 2018: Our summer students, Tasha and Dale, presented their work at the MRSEC REU and GREAT program poster sessions. Congratulations to Tommy for winning 2nd place in the MRSEC "Best Mentor" competition!

Tommy & Tasha at MRSEC REU poster session

Tommy & Tasha at MRSEC REU poster session

Dale Harris at GREAT poster session

Dale Harris at GREAT poster session

May 2018: Congratulations to Nicole, who placed 2nd in the ChE Undergraduate Research Poster Competition here at UT! Read the official announcement here.

March 2018: Two studies from Prof. Rosales's previous work have been published. Read the papers here: 
Reversible Control of Network Properties in Azobenzene-Containing Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogels
Impact of Helical Chain Shape in Sequence-Defined Polymers on Polypeptoid Block Copolymer Self-Assembly


October 2017: The Rosales group welcomes new graduate students Mariah Austin, Tommy FitzSimons, and Alex Hillsley! 

August 2017: A study from Prof. Rosales's post-doc work has been accepted to Angewandte Chemie International Edition! Read the paper here: Hydrogels with Reversible Mechanics to Probe Dynamic Cell Microenvironments

July 2017: Construction on our lab begins. We are excited to be in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (CPE) building on campus!